Corn is (Generally) Inexpensive

picture of cost comparison of energy sources

Look at the difference in prices.
Please note that this comparison is not exact because of fluxuating prices.

Corn = Warm Fire

picture of fire

A perfect flame is generated while a corn stove is in use.
Although our systems can burn corn or wood pellets(with an optional converter kit), corn burns best and gives off the most heat.


Please Remember

We only service Northeastern Pennsylvania


picture of a corn furnace

A corn furnace's storage bin holds enough fuel to last up to


Burning corn also has the added benefit of eliminating the hassles that come with burning wood (bugs, splinters, and wood chips).

We have pellet-conversion kits available that will allow you to burn wood pellets instead of corn.


picture of model 2100 corn stove We Offer Three Different Corn Stove Models

  • Model 2100 - Cherokee (Pictured)
  • Model 4100 - Iroquois
  • Model 7100 - Cheyenne